Saturday, March 22, 2008

no they are not piranhas for the 100th time

I swear to God they are fucking Silver Dollars, why would I lie?

Anyway, we've all been pretty busy here at Moksha. Busy having too much fun. Checked out 2080's at War Room this past Wednesday. Will post pictures shortly. Tonight there's some event at Winner Circle, unfortunately I am ill equipped with the proper information, but at any rate, Elvia will be there, and I'm sure it will be fun. Some of us will also be at the Triple Door tonight watching The Blow for Coty's birthday. Happy Birthday Coty!

Also, Angela Dawn is having an art show at Nau in Bellevue. Again, a little ill equipped with the proper information, but once I find out I'll update you all.

Compliments of Sing Sing a couple weeks ago. Life is so much fun!

Friday, March 21, 2008

In-store featured Artist & Burlesque show

Featuring the work of Artist/Illustrator Brenda Dunna. Inspired by the aesthetic of classic pin-up girl illustration, Brenda Dunn works the aesthetic of classic pin-up girl illustrations.

Burlesque performance by CHICA BOOM.

Queer Chicane starlet Chica Boom takes off more than just her sombrero, her provocation posturing shakes and breaks the mold of submissive mestiza.

JOIN US: This Friday, March 21st 7pm -9pm
Moksha Clothing (on the ave) 4542 University Way

Saturday, March 15, 2008

so fucking ripped

Stoned blogging, is the best blogging. Know that I have blogging rights I will be up on this bitch more often. BTW, Happy Birthday Paul. Sorry I missed last night.

Anyway, some things to look forward to in this blog. Will be having an "I Anoynomous" section on characters that swing in and out of the store...also, looks and fashions of people who come in, we will take some snaps of them.

sweet tunes for your dancing feet

Tonight is a such a lovely night to go out and play. Seattle's own, SunTzu sound is celebrating their 5 year anniversary tonight with a sweet line up of guests featuring Benji B and flying lotus.

Saturday, March 15
Chop Suey
1325 E Madison
Seattle, WA
21+ 9pm doors

The Dawning Of A New Era..

Little Paulie has been getting down on the good foot lately and can been seen mashing it up on dance floors all around the city, on any given night. Today he can finally do that legally as he will be turning 21. (Amazing what a fake ID and a mob of beautiful girls can do!) He stopped in for a quick hello before he ran off for saturday morning Bloody Marys. If you see him, be sure to buy him drinks and wish him a very HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!.