Sunday, March 8, 2009

Aloha Terrorist

If you failed to catch the Aloha Terrorist show at Moksha, you sure did miss out! The show was based around a painting entitled, Romantic Misunderstandings, which began with just a head floating in outer space. Mary and Rob (the married duo known as Aloha Terrorist) researched be-headings and found many legends about St. Valentine. On February 14 around the year 278 A.D., Valentine, a holy priest in the days of Emperor Claudius II, was executed.

"Under the rule of Claudius II, marriage was outlawed in Rome to make it easy for soldiers to join the army. A lottery of names gave the men a new lover each year. Valentine, a leader in the underground Christian movement, performed marriages in secret. When Claudius II discovered this he had Valentine beaten, beheaded, and his head served to Valentine's blind lover." - from

For more photos from this event, visit the Moksha myspace: photo album

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