Sunday, September 27, 2009

Pocket Full of Monsters: The Seattle Edition

Moksha is proud to present, POCKET FULL OF MONSTERS: The Seattle Edition. Pocket Full of Monsters is an Art Collective started by Aaron Martin aka ANGRY WOEBOTS. PFOM brings together like-minded artists from around the world with the common passion and goal of creating and making an impact through art.
Member skills range from illustration, graphic design, photography, sculpting, painting, and vinyl toy design.

Friday, October 2nd Iosefatu Sua, OneSevenNine, Joe McSween aka 2H, and Darvin Vida will come together for a special exhibit of their current work.


  1. These are so cool ! I suppose I missed the art show, but do you have prints of these in the store ? I want one !

  2. Unfortunately we do not have prints available but the show runs through October 22nd so you still have time to stop by the shop for a viewing.