Sunday, December 6, 2009


That's right!! This will be the sixth Bowiemas! For those of you who have no clue as to what Bowiemas is, it is a holiday on which we celebrate the holy birth of our lord and savior, Bowie. Every year we throw a big party in his honor where we all get dressed up to the nines and dance our hearts out! This year is very exciting I must say and for a number of reasons. One, that it is the first year where the party will actually be on Mr. Bowie's real birthday, Jan 8th, which is a Friday this year! Another exciting thing is that there will be a burlesque act with all the finest burlesque dancers in this city! Other things that may or may not occur are a Bowie look alike contest, a bowie look alike that one can get their photo taken with (kinda like that whole Santa Claus thing), catered food, a bar and oh so much more!!

At this time I am beginning to get really excited preparing for the party and I thought I would post a blog encouraging all of you to start working on your costumes!!! I believe I'm going to go all out this year and make mine from scratch!

Here are some photos from the past years!

Stay tuned for more info!!



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  1. Lots of fun I had at bowiemas this year, can't wait for the next! Now, time to figure out which Bowie dress up as...