Saturday, February 28, 2009


Yuup....Once again Keith Wilson and his loyal friends are making vintage more kick ass than ever!

 For the last couple weeks every sunny day that Keith has not had to work he has called his friends over to his house where they have been putting on a wonderful side walk sale of vintage clothes Keith has collected over the years. He has been head buyer for many vintage local stores, one of them being the previous Tiger Tiger. Through the years of working at vintage stores and going to the bins, Keith has an amazing collection of things....clothes, furniture, wall hangings, bikes, books, dishes and so on.

 His new project is Sidewalk Vintage where everything is a total catch. Today everything there selling is in the price range of two to six dollars. 

 Anyway go ahead and add him on his myspace and find out when his crazy fun side walk sales are going and where.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another muse, another pen pal

Now I usually don't talk to strangers...that is, I don't over the internet...but maybe three and a half years ago I got a message from what I thought to be a David Bowie look alike. He was a musician who lives in London and Berlin bouncing back and forth. Berlin being the place I most desire to go in the world; I was quite happy to chat with this interesting looking fellow who could tell me some things about the city I some day hope to live in.

Over the years we have kept in touch writing each other random things. At first I never even listened to his music but then one day I gave it a chance and found out I really enjoyed it. I started to keep closer taps on what he was doing in life and what he was creating. I became very inspired by him because he is someone who seems to always be following his passion. Whether it was writing new songs, doing photos shoots, playing secret shows or interviewing other bands that he is a fan of. I believe he writes for a a number of magazines in Europe, one of them being MNE. After a little more time, I began to see photos of him with most super fantastic people like Gary Newman and Kim Gordon . Its pretty exciting to get to be a pen pal with a very talented person that inspires you constantly, who knows many amazing people and does such wonderful things and STILL has time to write a girl in Seattle (that he's never met) amidst his busy days and nights.

Anyway, I thought I would share some photos of him, his music and other moments.
If you like, you can find him here!!!

night night


Follow me, keep in touch and other items in regards to staying informed

Curious what happens at a local boutique and gallery on the daily? Well you can keep up with Moksha in a variety of places on the web. You can find us here on blogger, myspace, facebook and now, twitter! A bit overwhelming right? I know! I can barely keep up with all these Social Networking sites myself. Of course, you are always more than welcome to add us so that we can keep up with you as well. How else would we know where all the great parties, art shows and events are happening? Besides, I often troll the internet seeking fresh talent to showcase and feature in the shop...

You can catch your connecting flight here:
Facebook: mokshaclothing

Interpreting Moksha's Price Tags

There seems to be some confusion about the price tagging at Moksha, so here are a few examples of what to look for next time you come in & want to buy something that may be regular priced, splotched for consignment, or even discounted on sale up to 50% off of the original price. 

First look for the little digits in the bottom right hand corner of the little brown (manila) shipping tag. As you can see, we do NOT use "$" preceding the numerical price, but simply just the number it dollars, bills, bones, old Georges or whatever you like to term our currency these days. Note these numbers do NOT mean the size of whatever garment you picked up because the majority of our garments are only "one size".

Now if you come across a tag with a splotch of purple ink on it, this only identifies consignment items at Moksha. These are usually local artists/designers. The bottom right hand number still holds true to the price & NOT the size. 

Most importantly, if there happens to be a red square sticker with a numbered percent on the tag, you have chosen a garment on SALE! For example, a red sticker with a 50% on the tag means 50% OFF the original price, which you now know is that little number in the bottom right hand corner of the little brown (manila) shipping tag, Moksha's price tags. 

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two Treats from Thailand

This is a cool place in Thailand I had never been there before. It's called "Floating Market". When we got there , we took a picture of a cutie monkey. Then we walked a little bit to a small canal that had a lot of "food on boats". This time, we were so hungry!!! (hmmmmmm yummy yummy). They have many kind of food you can buy and cheap too. It's really better than Seattle.

University of Washington, Fashion Show

ASUW Student Health Consortium and Arts & Entertainment in association with the Retail Management Program and the UW Counseling Center present Every body, a fashion show celebrating the body in all shapes and sizes.

Moksha will be featuring current and spring styles. We are proud to be one of many great shops participating in the fashion show.

Please join us this Thursday - February 26th, 2009
Building: Kane 130
Doors 7:00pm
Show 7:30pm

This is a free event!
Goodie bags for the first 500 guests.

campus map - kane hall circled in red

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Glam rock Wednesdays

In the summer of 2007 my friends and I used to do these thing where we would dress up every wednesday and do some glam rock. We called it glam rock wednesday.

The most memorable glam rock wednesday we had was some time in the middle of the summer on a perfect sunny day. We all put on our finest glam outfits and drank champagne at the roosevelt house where we all used to kick it and we watched david bowie and t-rex music videos. We texted people all day to meet up in calanderson park at night wearing glam rock clothes and bringing food.

Of course everyone ended up bringing drinks and not food. It so happened that people just never stopped showing up and after an hour there was around 150 people wearing crazy clothes, singing and drinking in the middle of the park. The supper surprising thing is that the party didn't get broken up till two hours later.

It was the best impromptu party I've ever been to. I am always grateful for seattle having parks that are so easy to hold parties in.

My friend was visiting that summer from Norway and enjoyed our glam rock summer so much that when she made back to her home land she covered the party in the hip Norwegian news paper of her city.

All in all, glam rock kicks ass and I hope this summer to have a similar day of the week occur.



Thursday, February 12, 2009

A great show!!

Tomorrow night the all grimy and blues sliding heavy rock and roll band Sioux City Pete and The Beggars are playing at The Holy Mountain. It's the kick off show for their two month tour all over u.s.a. This band has more than an amazing line up and mixer of music but also put on one hell of a show. Some nights it's all about the music and other nights its more about the taking off of clothes and drowning ones self in alcohol. I have a feeling that tomorrows show is going to be a very special one.

It starts at 8 but The Beggars will most likely start at 11ish. If you need help finding the Holy Mountain, stop by Moksha and ask how to get there/

Hope to see you there.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jetty Recommends

The Wire

Animal Collective
If you don't already own ac's 9th album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, go get it now.

1968 "The Thomas Crown Affair" 
starring Steve McQueen & Faye Dunaway

Check out one of my favorites at SAM downtown,
Nick Cave's "Sound Suit"

-jetty seattle

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

2009 Wire Bride's Choice Award

I have many talented friends and it's nice when they receive recognition for their hard work. Recently, my hairstylist and personal friend Angalina Sandoval recently won the 2009 Wire Bride's Choice Award. I have been a loyal client for the last couple of years not just because she does amazing work but because she always manages to work around my cowlick and give my hair bangs, where there should be none.


Photo: Hilary Harris

Art walk/cat walk

This Thursday a couple friends and I are going to be in a wonderful fashion show. My friend is throwing what promises to be a fabulous night at a wonderful art space down town. Please come and check it out.

so once again Thursday the 5th at 7
On Washington street and the viaduct two blocks past pioneer square.

Remember its also a funeral and you must come wearing black.

thank you


Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Just In: Vintage Accessories

Moksha has always toyed around with stocking vintage throughout time but now, we will have vintage accessories available on the regular. The following items are merely a preview of what's to come...



leather "cowgirl" satchels