Sunday, June 21, 2009


One of the most essential components of putting an outfit together are the accessories. Adding the right touches can dress up or play down any garment that would otherwise deem "unfit" for the occasion. Join us this week as we explore a variety of accessories available at Moksha.


eighteen dollars

eighteen dollars

cotton twelve dollars

eighteen dollars

weave cotton thread sixteen dollars

pashmina twenty two dollars

cotton eight dollars

raw silk twelve dollars

Thursday, June 18, 2009


vampire weekend + ra ra riots

"so insane" in a good way :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


all rockers welcome!

heavy metal footage
on a massive screen at a
brutal volume


at Dante's in the U-D
from 5-9pm
Come bang your head
Shoot some pool and
Party with your buds while
Rocking to the best of metal
cheap PBR


5300 Roosevelt Way

Brought to you by Jarrod Austin

Creatures of the Deep Opening Reception

Join the Moksha Parade this Friday
June 19 2009
for the opening reception of

new works by Matt Cipov

tunes provided by DJ INTROCUT
fourthcity collective

drinks & refreshments
show runs through July 17th

see you there!

Are you afraid of the CREATURES OF THE DEEP? Matt Cipov is not!

He says, "I spend my days thinking about creatures, masks, funny animals and goons, ghouls, owls, magic. However, no single thing in that list that defines me, or my art. And while I might be allergic to lots of animals, that certainly doesn't stop me from wanting to draw them." Add together the things that Matt Cipov loves to draw, jumble them up, spill it all out, add some weirdness and you'll get a sense of what makes him tick. And his newest solo art show debuting at Moksha works like he took a made up expedition to make field studies of animals from all reaches of the globe... minus the travel, airfare, or jet lag.

Matt Cipov lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with his wife Lynda and his son Max. He has lived in Wisconsin all his life and graduated from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design in 1999. Ever since he has been directly involved in art and graphic design work. Since late 2005 he has been a self-employed artist and designer, and is extremely glad he decided to take the plunge into working on his own. He credits his new life with helping him grow considerably as an artist. Cipov adores watching documentaries, has never broken a bone, loves pizza and Asian foods, is addicted to synthesizers and Apple products, and his music/movie collection is an ever growing beast. Cipov revels in keeping toys and whimsical things around him. He feels so deeply connected to making art that he cannot be away from it for more than a day.

"When I step away from making art for too long, I start to feel sick," says Matt.

If you are a band, a company, or just a strange person who wants some art, Matt Cipov would love to help you out.