Saturday, July 25, 2009


Someone told me the other night that subway is doing a promotional thing where when you buy a foot long sandwich for 5 bucks you can also buy a ticket for 5 bucks to crew fest!!!!!!!!!!  I thought it must be fake but as far as i can tell its totally TRUE. tomorrow i'm going to check it out!



COME to this!!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Thanks to everyone who made it out on Friday Night
and to everyone else... you totally blew it.
Missed out. Completely.

The first four images are a preview of A NOS AMOURS
by Michael J Demeo.

To view more photographs by Michael for A NOS AMOURS,
please visit
or just stop by to view the entire series and photographs by Rita Vogt.

another satisfied customer. peep his stylish boots...

Mary & Robert Santiago - Aloha Terrorist

Michael J Demeo

Karleen - Moksha Parade

Jason all dressed up w/a studded choker available at Moksha.

DJ Introcut blessed us with another sweet set of musical pleasure.

What's up with THESE GUYS?

Babysnakes - WC REPRESENT double fist


Jeanne and her tiny bottle of goodness

Sweet wheels

Geniva - NYC DIRECT and Diane works at a cute shop
in the I-D that I can't recall the name of.

Babysnakes and Jetty are wearing local band t-shirts from

Very stylish with her gun necklace and animal ring by MAFIA

Jeffrey, fancy as always...

Christian and Rose enjoying a quick break from the conversations and drinks.


Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Favorite Indian Restaurant

The other day me and my boyfriend decided to finally stop by an Indian restaurant that we walk by everyday. They have a big sign advertising in the window for their buffet and 5 dollar boxed lunch to go. We went in and got the boxed lunch. We filled it full of delicious food from the buffet. The buffet had amazing veggie dishes like curry parsnip and pears, zucchini curry and so on and so forth. There were some meat dishes too, that I heard were good. There was also mango moos! We took our lunch away and ate it in the park. It was the perfect amount of food for two people to eat and feel perfectly full.

You should check it out!

here are the two locations

Roosevelt—6417 Roosevelt Way NE #105/106 Seattle, WA 98115

Ballard—2301 NW Market Street Seattle, WA 98107



the 3/50 project

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Coolest shirt EVER!!

Move over, Three Wolf Moon Tee...

That's right make room for the, Three Cat Moon Tee.
*not sold at Moksha, but it should be...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My sweet Copenhagan

The first part of my trip to Scandanavia was to Copenhavan. I met my dearest friend Mari at the airport and was welcomed into a city of utmost promise. I was given the most divine home for five days and christen this stay with two bottles of wine that Mari had brought from Spain.

I could tell you all the details but it would take us all too long so in the simplest of ways Copenhavan captured my heart within minutes and still has hold on it. Copenhavan is beautiful and full of all kinds of different kinds of lives and people. In the center of the city there is Christiania which is a large commune doing all kinds of things. Mari and I got to go to a Coco Rosie concert there. Christiania was started in the 1960s by some hippys and has been quite a special place. If you are interested in reading more about it go... its worth it!

During my five days there I got to visit an amazing architecture school that Mari and I's friend is currently going to. We also went to the most amazing bar called Jolines in the meat packing district, went to the Motley Crew after party but didnt find them there of course....We went to the oldest still functioning bar in the city, eat really amazing falafel, did some shopping, drank a lot of Carlsberg, and so on and so forth.

here are some photos