Sunday, May 30, 2010

Val Kilmer - Real Genius

Real Genius is an absolute pleasure to watch!!! A light hearted kick ass 80's film that gives you soft tingles of delight the whole way through. Val Kilmer plays the role of Chris Knight a child prodigy who has grown up and liberated him self from a life of regimented studying and committed academics, to a life full of non-stop fun and girls. He uses super genius skills to provide fun activities for the other gifted ,but socially inept, students to enjoy, such as turning the hall way into an instant block of ice for every one to skate on!

This film came out in 1985 and was one of Vals very first films. He looks positively adorable the whole way through and his unique "I don't give a fuck" style has made me really want a pair of big fuzzy animal slippers. This film also has a pretty sweet sound track. I strongly suggest watching this film if you haven't seen it!! And to even watch it over again if you have seen it!

Yay Val!!



P.S. I meet the homeless Val Kilmer on Broadway the other day, he did a card trick for us but messed it up cause he was to drunk. He really did look like Val Kilmer though so I still gave him a buck.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


On a wonderful whim, my friend Manuela and I decided to chase our Pho soup with some frugal shopping up at the goodwill in Ballard. to our surprise a treasure trove of AWESOME cameras awaited us. besides seeing your average polaroid and other automatic use 35mm cameras, we found cameras with measurable SPECS. Being able to know the SPECS on your gear is an important part of Photo Geekdom, so we picked the two best suitable cameras for our needs.

I've taken it upon myself to name this duo Thelma and Lil' Weezy.
Thelma - Ricoh AF-5
Lil' Weezy - Canon AF35-ML

these cameras were picked up for dirt cheap and are still in great working condition, they were of course equivalent to the point & shoots so prevalent in today's market. but one important fact is it still uses film. Tangible media today is a lost art form and reminds us to slow down in the age of speeding information. I might be an old romantic in this respect but tangible evidence of your efforts whether the results are good or bad still fills my heart with pride knowing I did it.

If not just for fun, picking up a goodwill camera and shooting a couple rolls of film can be an educational experiment reminding you to enjoy the happy mistakes and and plant a firm footing in the real world of image taking where every exposed frame of film counts and so should even those digital shots you can always retake.



indoor with no flash, the lack of light made the autofocus confused so some shots will turn out blurry if you're using film speed thats to slow or moving subjects.


Indoor with flash, since the camera knows the flash is being used it sets up automatically the best shooting distance with flash so everythings sharp, your camera should have something in a manual if you're lucky or on the camera body indicating the flash range.


Window Lighting is a great source of light if you prefer natural lit photos over flash photos.


Always center your shot or the background will be in focus.


be careful of those dimly lit areas again, longer blurrier photos and also out of focus, i still think this was a happy accident though


natural backlight and flash works awesome together too!


bathtubs are always fun


Make friends and don't be affraid to take pictures of strangers...

In conclusion, using 200ISO speed film was a bad choice indoors seeing as the automatic camera wanted to take longer blurrier exposures and the brackets in the middle of the view finder indicate where the focus will lie, so always center your shots with the focus! but half the fun is learning from your decisions coming out on top with a positive attitude. All together i spent $10 on the cameras ($3 for Thelma & $7 for lil weezy), $6 on expired film to test it with, and $10 dollars on development. i scanned my own film to keep down the cost and asked to keep the film uncut to make the process easier. for $26 i'm taking better photos than with my camera phone and opening possibilities to the limitless potential of film.

For your own analog budgeted adventure purchase a goodwill camera you feel comfortable using and some film from your drug store. treat your first roll as a test shot and a learning lesson. find a place that still developes film ask for only a proof and development. scan what you like and have fun!

see all the test shots on my flickr.

- - J. Rivera

a stream-of-conscious double image animation

Enjoy some Jake Rafter - Juicy with animation by Dax Norman
if you haven't already today

Happy Birthday! It's a birthday!

This weekend we celebrated a super special birthday BBQ! Awesome fun time on the roof of the HG lodge which consisted margarita's, mexican food, wieners being used as a straw in a Bloody Mary, which I would like to name "The Bloody Wiener" as well as the birthday girl consuming a vodka grape soda drink.
( She got the drink recipe from a song that I forgot because I just have a bad memory.) Go ahead & ask her about that one.
Here's a little keyhole view of the end of the night when we needed more in our stomach.

Happy Birthday Little Yellow Jacket!

Art Opening: Spring Snow- Light Bedtime Stories by Sly Cooley

"The Russian story of "Little Snow Girl" is one where there is the pure young girl being hunted by various creatures who want to eat her. She was made from the last spring snow and the first spring sun, on the heartfelt wish of a sterile old couple who lived in the woods. The original story itself is cute, and innocent for the most part. The little snow girl is pure and innocent, but learns quickly how evil the creatures of the forest can be before she's rescued by her trusty old dog. In my depiction, the all-too-pure main character, is not as pure as one would think and has her way with handling the "evils" of the forest." -Sly Cooley

Moksha is proud to present
Spring Snow: Light Bedtime Stories by Sly Cooley
Medium: oils on wood

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 21, 2010
Beats provided by DJ Introcut
View Facebook Invite: HERE

Exhibit runs through June 17th, 2010.

Sly Cooley was born from two worlds, an all-American one and a superstitious Filipino one. Although there was not much in terms of visual art within her childhood, there was almost, an overabundance of folk stories, urban legends, and superstitious tales. Stories, she learned, were best told with pictures. It is that little bit of "truth" that inspired her to work more and more leading her away from her two worlds in one family to find her own world in the Northwest. Sly Cooley now has a BFA from Northwest College of Art and is part of Better Friends Collective.

Moksha is located at 4542 University Way NE Seattle WA 98105 206.632.6798

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

White china photo shoot

The morning after my birthday party I sat very hungover in the back seat of my dear friend, Angels' car when she handed me the March issue of British Vogue. I thumbed through it as we drove, making me even more nauseous but I couldn't tear my eyes away from one of my most favorite photo shoots that I have ever gazed upon. The theme of the photo shoot was based on white and blue china. To me it also seemed that some of the outfits were inspired by the harlequin clown. The white ruffles of fabric, the dramatic color pieces and the teased curled white hair that resembles a classy clown wig.



Photo Recap: Killing Time

Back in March, (whoa, it's been a minute!) we held the opening reception of Killing Time by Anna Ryon, "A Series of Photographs Illustrating The Darker Yet Realistic Side of Modern Teenage Life." It was a lovely engagement with live music from Island of Birds followed by a set on the one's and two's by Introcut. Anna produced a limited edition zine that she distributed during the reception which featured work from the exhibit along with bonus material. Those zines went fast. View the following to see what you missed out on. Be on the lookout for Anna, she's going to accomplish great things; Sweet and Sound UK 14/19's Best of the Week #3 thinks so, along with's fourteen-nineteen.

from the series killing time

The following photos were taken by Anna Ryon

The following photos were taken by Jesse Rivera