Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art Opening: Sound & Vision by Luke Yates

Moksha is excited to present:

"Sound and Vision"
Part 2 of 2, series finale to 2009's- "We are the Dead".
An obsessive ode to David Bowie & vintage comic book art.
WHEN: Opening Reception, FRIDAY OCT 21st @ 7pm

Exhibit runs through November 17th, 2011

Luke Yates
In the year 1980, a baby was struck by a series of gamma rays, giving him strange powers. Later that night, the very same child was carried away in the night by a pack of wolves. An upbringing in Portland, OR under the care of said creatures, gave him a "super" sense for the strange. As he grew into a matured humanoid, a relocation to Seattle, WA, laid the ground work for him to co-form the super team Band Vibes. This set him on a dangerous path of freelance design and art projects for various splinter factions around the globe.

We've got Ziggy Stardust. A mysterious, cosmic character. A fictitious rock entity who came to earth heralding tales of space, love and dystopian futures. Who better to be re-imagined as a super human from the Golden Age of comics?

Mr. B is shown in an homage collection of comic covers from artists/characters who sparked inspiration at a young age. A love letter to some of the comic books that stayed in my brain all these years, and continue to keep me in love with their colors, composition and design.

Using my favorite Bowie songs, the tracks represent the "comic title". Taking a que from the quintessential bold phrasing and tag lines that vintage comics would use to grab readers, I pulled lyrics from these songs to build the image and give a story. Below each piece will be the lyrics sheet, so you can see where some of the concept comes from.

Each piece is 12x18". Mixed media. Pencil, ink, watercolor mixed with digital coloring. Then heavily weathered to give that yellowed, dog eared feel to an old book. They are essentially put together like a "real" comic. Heavy paper stock front/back cover. Bound newsprint pages(22). And to complete the feel of a good, back issue bin comic, they are bagged and boarded.

To top if all off, wrangling the help of the illustrious country western band- the Lonesome Billies, we put together a live music ensemble, to provide you the show goer, with a mutli-dimensional experience where we play some of the pieces/songs featured on the wall. All set in a futuristic space western. Lo and behold the Lonesome Bowies were formed. Be sure to shine up the space boots and don't forget your cowboy hat!

Check out the first edition of Luke's Series "We are the Dead"
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My Faves: Thad Sweater by WESC

I wouldn't mind snuggling up next to a sweet gent wearing the THAD sweater by WESC.

men's l/s knitted cardigan
• 7 gauge
• regular fit
• jacquard knit
• leather imitation sleeve patches
• rib at placket, bottom hem and cuffs
• tape at neck
• button front closure
• WeSC flag label
acrylic/wool mix 70% acrylic 30% wool