Monday, February 11, 2013

Sweetest Hangover: Valentines After Party & UW District Art Walk

Join Moksha & Friends for

Sweetest Hangover
Valentines After Party & UW District Art Walk

Friday - February 15th, 2013

A delectable array of sweet treats will be available to arouse and intoxicate your senses...

Chelsea Wong
Izzie Klingels
Sohaila Adela
Gina Brahy
Mary Long Santiago
Lindy Kanand
Romiette Lindsley (Hello Again Monsters)
Tennessee Rose (Cap Lori)
Stephanie Cooley

Gidgette Bardot Vintage Pop-up Shop

champagne, wine & beer

DJ Melenie



The Visual Artists


Artist Statement: "Crafting fictional scenes with simple figures, bright colors and handwritten type, these works interprets thoughts of every day life. By re-imagining unexpected scenarios I am able to evoke a sense of curiosity in otherwise mundane activities. I am inspired by space, family and pop culture and aim to investigate the complex nature of being human." 

BIO: Chelsea Wong is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in San Francisco, CA. She received a BFA in Printmaking from California College of the Arts (Oakland, CA, 2010) and has studied Communication Design and Illustration at Parsons School of Design (New York, NY). Chelsea's colorful screen prints, etchings and drawings have been shown throughout the Bay Area, North America, Europe and Asia. She is a regular contributor to Mauve? Gallery in San Francisco and recently her work has been included in several publications by MUSEUMS PRESS in the UK. Chelsea is the recipient of numerous grants and awards including the first ever Hamaguchi Emerging Artist Award Residency at Kala Printmaking Studio in Berkeley. 


Izzie studied Fine Art at Chelsea School of Art in London. After graduating she founded Lazy Eye, making videos and tour visuals for bands such as Death in Vegas and Beth Orton. She has worked commercially as an illustrator and director since 2001, for a diverse range of clients including Topshop, Oasis, Volvo, Vogue, Random House and Italian Marie Claire. She now focuses equally on non-commercial work, recently exhibiting in Los Angeles, London, and Seattle. 
She currently lives and works in Seattle, where she finds inspiration in the damp lushness of the city and the dark mystery of the old growth forests and mountains that surround it.


Sohaila Adela was born in Seattle, Washington and now lives in Portland, Oregon. She graduated from Cornish College of the Arts. She is known for her detailed pen and ink drawings, although she mixes a variety of mediums, recently her work focuses on paper collage.


Gina Brahy was born in San Mateo, CA, spent preschool in the middle east and has called Seattle, WA her home since kindergarten. Gina went to school for graphic design, but decided to paint and make things with her hands instead of computers. Gina draws inspiration from Art Nouveau and simple  beauty. She paints to be happy and not to make a statement. Tiny little things melt her heart. 


Mary Long Santiago. Born in 1977. Raised in Hawaii. Lives in Seattle. Retires in Australia (hopefully). Mary attended the University of Hawaii where she studied tropical horticulture and art. She is an emerging artist whose psychedelic patterns permeate out of her and into just about everything she creates. She is a material collector and is fascinated with every discipline in the art world, even slime - her current pursuit. Her works are collaborations which explore the reciprocal interconnection of people. organisms and addictions. 


Statement/Bio: Lindy Kanand is an Illustrator and Designer from Seattle who has found true love in retro video games. Among playing the obvious favorites (Mario & Zelda), my real gaming passion lies in playing and old Super Nintendo RPG called EarthBound. I also believe mermaids exist - this topic is not up for debate. A lot of my work is based on nostalgia, because A Link to the Past is always fun (A Link to the Past - HAHA, get it?) I'm also the only person who laughs at my own jokes.


Hello Again Monsters is a one girl operation. Romiette entered this monster fantasy land in 2006 when she was inspired by a graffiti artist friend of hers. She made one little monster as an xmas gift and the rest is history. Born and raised in Seattle, WA, an art school drop out, she finally found something that she loves to create. Inspired by childhood toys, graffiti, pop culture, urban lifestyles, her work is accessible and loved by kids and adults that refuse to grow up. She has always been creative, whether she was painting, sewing, or building little wooden towns on the floor in her fathers woodshop. Through all the procrastination and impatience and ADD, she finally found something that she loves with all her heart...PLUSH MONSTERS.


Tennessee Rose grew up in Seattle, WA, lived in Hokkaido, Japan during her early adulthood and now lives in Los Angeles, CA. Tennessee has been focused mainly on music, going under the music moniker Cap Lori and touring internationally in America, Japan, and Korea. In the last few years, she has been drawing more and more in her free time as well as continuing working on her musical endeavors. These pieces made specially for the Sweetest Hangover art showing, were painted using only old discarded make-up, reminiscent of hungover mornings when last nights make-up has yet to be washed away. 



Pop-up shop by GIDGETTE BARDOT
Purveyor of pretty! Gidgette Bardot is an online boutique specializing in vintage fasion from the 1990's and earlier, offering a variety of merchandise from designer brands, on trend clothing, and more. While the clothing and accessories are from yesteryear they still reflect today's style catering to the modern babe. 

Gidgette Bardot is ran by two sisters: Osiris and Eunice. Osiris has a background in fashion marketing (graphic and web design, wardrobe styling) and Eunice is a hair stylist and DIY/home improvement enthusiast. The two have been collecting, buying, and selling vintage for over a decade. 

Their love for vintage fashion and thrift shopping started when they were kids and have been shopping at thrift stores ever since. In 2005, the two sisters started selling their vintage goods on E-bay. To their surprise it was a hit, and a lot more successful than they anticipated. After a couple of years of selling on E-bay, Eunice and Osiris had put it on the back burner for several reasons, but continuned to buy and sell vintage at select consignment/boutiques. Fast forward to 2012, Gidgette Bardot is born! The two finally decided to revive their online vintage store, but this time, do something that was entirely their own. 

Shop their goods on Etsy: and a selection of dresses and tops at Moksha in the UW District. 



Spun Cotton Candy was founded in 2012, in Seattle, WA by Christie Schrader which features hand crafted and artisan flavors by Chef David White. Spun Cotton Candy creates small batch, custom crafted cotton candy. Flavors are made from fresh, local and organic ingredients, and artfully presented. 

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