MATRIX - Tuesdays in August

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A myofascial release series guided by Cindy.

Fascia=connective tissue

Myofascial release (MFR) is a technique of using props to self-massage your tissues. This
practice can be beneficial for relieving muscle stiffness and chronic pain, increasing range of motion, and/or simply getting to know your body.

The title Matrix is inspired by the innerworkings of fascia/connective tissue. Fascia surrounds and holds every organ, bone, blood vessel, muscle spindle, and nerve fiber in place. The fascial net exists everywhere in the body with no discrete beginning or end. Our dynamic physical and psychological holding patterns are expressed within the connective tissue. This workshop is about gently exploring and detangling your unique myofascial net.

Each class will feature guided movement (slow flow), yin yoga (passive stretching), and MFR (rolling our tissues on Wellround balls, which are provided). ALL props are provided including MFR balls, blocks, bolsters, and yoga mats are provided. *Of course you’re welcome to BYO props if you’d like too. ALL bodies and levels, no experience required! MASKS are required.

SPACES are limited.

Suggestion $20-$30 per class, no one turned away for lack of funds