the Biōm Experience

What is Biōm?

Biōm is a personal wellness studio that offers a variety of yoga and meditation practices. We use vibrational, plant and light therapy to help you clear the mind, release stressful energy and reach a deep meditative state. It is a safe and clean space to share with your closest friends and family during this time of social distancing. Instead of the traditional model of offering classes to the general public, the Biōm studio is only available for private sessions, just for you and up to three other guests you wish to share space with. Book a session now and let us know what you are in the mood for! We are currently offering 60-minute sessions. We will limit one session every 12-hours for ample time to clean and ventilate the studio between sessions. 

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What does the name Biōm mean?

/ˈbīˌōm /

In ecology the word biome is a community of living matter (plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, etc.) that live in a specific environment. Biomes can be as small as your gut (a microbiome) or as big as the Earth herself. This pandemic has reinforced our awareness of how connected we all are and the importance of staying healthy and keeping our planet healthy. In order to give back in a positive way, you must be a channel for positive energy and that means taking care of yourself. Healthy people make healthy communities, which make healthy neighborhoods, healthy cities and healthy regions. We hope that Biōm will be a wellspring of positive energy that reverberates outwards.

Our Pandemic Protocol

Out of an abundance of caution, your session will be just for you and up to three other people from your social biome. Please only bring guests you consider to be part of your everyday life, like housemates, family, close friends or coworkers. We will follow local Safe Start guidelines, which means we will require hand sanitizing and face masks. Please bring your own masks and yoga mats. We will have some available for purchase. We are limiting our capacity to four guests per session. Yoga mats will be spaced at least 6ft apart. There will be no physical touching during class (sorry, no hugs). Lastly, we will limit sessions to one every 12hrs so the studio can be ventilated and cleaned between sessions.